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Brandsjet is India’s first Growth-as-a-Service (GaaS) Company transforming businesses across the globe.

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SaaS & IT

Industries we work with

We have dedicated services, solutions, offerings which bridges and solves the industry’s real-time problems.

Whether you’re a startup or an established business, here’s why you should choose brandsjet as growth partner.

Brandsjet – India’s first Growth-as-a-Service (GaaS) Company where technology, marketing, and data meet to deliver creativity and innovative solutions. We are creating a transformational value for brands, businesses, and professionals. We are a young team driven by an entrepreneurial mindset and we are headquartered in Pune, India.

brandsjet principles Happy Team means happy client

We identify challenges & growth hurdles

We understand the appropriate problem of the industry, as we have worked and delivered results for our vendors and clients Also we are backed by industry leaders, advisors and the community.

Brandsjet - Focuses on crafting economical solutions and working on revenue creation for clients

Propose affordable solutions & services

We have all essential services and solutions in-house and industry-leading partners we craft the perfect economical solution for our MQLs. We work on revenue creation for our clients and not just marketing them!

Our Result-Oriented Services

Brandsjet has a wide range of services, solutions, and offerings for all-sized businesses across the globe. We understand what you what and then propose a sustainable solution.

Businesses we served

A rich roster of clients across industries, ranging from start-ups to industry leaders in Education, Banking and financial Services, E-Commerce, Healthcare, Cosmetics & Skincare, SaaS, Technology and Governmental Organisations.

Udaan Skill Academy website mockup by brandsjet a client success story in skill development and edtech industry

Udaan Skill Academy

Udaan Skill Academy is India’s best skill development and learning platform. offers courses, community & commerce for start-ups, micro, and small business owners & youths.

UDAAN is an officially recognized training partner for the Government of India’s National Skill Development Corporation (M/o Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship) and National Institute of Micro and Small Medium Enterprise (M/o Ministry of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises).

globalspin website mockup by brandsjet a client success story in think tank, events, conclave, exhibitions and awards industry


Globalspin is responsible for leading international engagements and export developments and promotions for MSMEs and start-ups. Part of my role is to develop an international network of trade, and alliances and promote cross-countries Innovation and Technology in the Textiles and Fashion sector.

We believe that trade is about people, relationships and respect and that GLOBALSPIN is the gateway to global economies and communities and was founded with the mission to create more jobs and make the world a better place.

godspeed games website mockup by brandsjet a client success story in gaming and IT industry

GodSpeed Games

GodSpeed Games is one of the leading Games and Technology companies, providing Game Development, Game Porting, Game Testing and Game Support Services to global leading companies. 

With over 50+ years of combined experience, the GodSpeed team has worked on various gaming platforms. Verticals: Game Development Game Porting, Game Testing, Publishing, Mobile Apps Development, Website and Mobile Apps Testing, End to End Game Development, Live Ops Strategies, VR/AR Development

dermalogy website mockup by brandsjet a client success story in personal care industry


Dermalogy is an evolving collection of treatments offering familiar, effective clinical technologies to your skin!

Science is evidence-based, nuanced, and ever-changing. At Dermalogy, we give science the center stage, and turn the tide on the beauty misconceptions and fear-mongering that plague this industry. We have a science-first approach that is not only the foundation of our brand, but is amplified in our formulations.

pretty kaur d website mockup by brandsjet a client success story in fashion and beauty industry

Pretty Kaur D

Pretty Kaur D, the vegan cosmetic brand bringing you a cruelty-free beauty routine for all those who wants the world a better place, and wants the chemicals out, these makeup products are for you.

Pretty kaur is the one stop shop for fashionable and beautiful makeup and clothing. Our clothes are the fashion and style you want, and our makeup is vegan, long lasting, and natural. Our lipstick and eyebrow pencil are cruelty free, and their eye shadow is perfect for any occasion.

mintscale website mockup by brandsjet a client success story in automotive tech industry


Automotive Digital Passport
Enabling stakeholders to accurately capture and track data and information, facilitating effective decision-making, compliance with regulations, and optimization of vehicle performance and maintenance.

Traceability: Ensure end-to-end security and traceability of vehicle data by tokenizing data events across the vehicle lifecycle.

Data Ownership: Establish ownership of vehicle data among all stakeholders involved

scoremore website mockup by brandsjet a client success story in education industry


ScoreMore is a transformative platform that has made it its mission to break free from the confines of traditional education. This innovative initiative recognizes the detrimental impact that the conventional educational system often has on young minds. Instead of letting students become prisoners of textbooks, it empowers them to unleash their imagination and expand their horizons. ScoreMore is not just about academic achievement; it's a place where dedicated coaches collaborate to guide individuals out of their cocoons. By nurturing a growth mindset and honing cognitive skills

Numbers defining our journey

These are few small numbers driving exponential growth for our clients


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