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Best Free Keyword Research Tool

Explore the top keyword research tools of 2023 to supercharge your SEO strategy. From free options to paid tools, find the perfect fit for your website's needs. Brandsjet, your trusted SEO partner, helps you navigate the world of keywords for optimal results.
Top 15 Free Keyword Research Tools in 2023. Brandsjet offers SEO-friendly content and website optimization services.

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The foundation of digital marketing is keyword research, and effective keyword research tools may assist you in discovering profitable keyword searchers to use in your campaigns. To determine the top keyword research tools in 2023, we’ve researched and assessed today’s most widely used software.

15 Best free keyword research tool

1. SEMRush Keyword Magic Tool

The extensive SEMRush Keyword Magic Tool database uses billions of keywords on Google. You may use this Semrush keyword research to search this database to find search phrases and get helpful information about those keywords. You may use the filters in the keyword research program to narrow down the results based on your requirements, including the ability to order the results by keyword search intent. This one-of-a-kind function offered by Semrush keyword research is beneficial when conducting keyword research to uncover commercial and transactional keywords.

2. Ahrefs Keyword Explorer

A free SEO keyword research tool, Ahrefs Keyword Explorer, gathers information from the most extensive external database of search terms.

 Main Features

Entering a search phrase into Keywords Explorer allows you to view important information such as search volume, keyword difficulty, SERP characteristics, average CPC, and traffic potential.

To rapidly gauge the competition level for the phrase, the program also displays the current ranking sites along with the domain rating and backlinks for each page.

The platform offers a list of keyword suggestions associated with each term. This list may be filtered based on volume, anticipated traffic, and other factors. Along with a list of keywords for which the top pages also rank, there is a section expressly for phrases formulated as questions.

3. Moz Keyword Explorer

Moz Keyword Explorer is a tool for gathering information on search queries and identifying new keyword targets. An easy-to-use SEO keyword research tool free with many valuable metrics is Moz Keyword Explorer. We enjoy using the tool to locate distinct keyword recommendations that aren’t available on other sites.

4. Google Trends

It is a free keyword tool for researching keywords that are currently trending and in use. With Google Trends, finding a keyword’s short- and long-term trends is quite easy. We utilize it to make sure we concentrate on things other than terms with a fleeting or changeable interest.

5. Google Keyword Planner

Another free keyword research tool from Google is this one. The feature is available through your Google Ads account. Google Keyword Planner is a good resource for developing new term suggestions. Before launching PPC advertising, we utilize it to forecast our anticipated visitors and create a bid strategy.

6. AnswerThePublic

It is a keyword research tool that shows a data visualization of several keyword categories and their relationships. The most excellent SEO keyword research tool free for illustrating the relationship between keywords is AnswerThePublic.

7. KeywordTool

With this keyword research tool, you may discover long-tail keyword ideas for any search query. A valuable tool for surfacing keywords searcher across several platforms is KeywordTool. Its capacity to locate long-tail and question-based search phrases is something we admire.

8. Keywords Everywhere

It is a browser add-on that enables you to obtain keyword information straight from a search engine. Using Keywords Everywhere is an excellent way to conduct in-depth research on Google. We enjoy using it to locate long-term keyword searchers, and People Also Ask rapidly.

9. Google Search Console

For website owners, Google Search Console is a platform for managing SEO. You may discover keyword opportunities based on current content using its Performance report. With Google Search Console, you may improve your content to rank higher for more keywords.

10. KWFinder

You may uncover new keywords to target by using the simple-to-use keyword search engine Mangools KWFinder. A straightforward, user-friendly keyword tool is KWFinder. It aids in estimating the number of visitors you could receive if you rank.

11. Sonar Amazon Keyword Tool

Sonar is an Amazon keyword tool that assists merchants in locating pertinent keywords. Finding relevant keywords for your Amazon items may be done simply yet effectively with Sonar. The premium edition is rather pricey. But if you sell a lot on Amazon, it and the other features in a Sellics package can be worthwhile.

12. SerpStat

Using its robust keyword research tool, you may use SerpStat, an all-in-one SEO platform, to obtain fresh search ideas and gain a deeper understanding of consumers’ queries. The versatile keyword research tool SerpStat has a tonne of helpful features. We like its capacity to assess leading rivals and get knowledge about search queries.

13. Keyword Sheeter

An internet program called Term Sheeter gathers keyword recommendations from Google’s autocompleting suggestions it is one the Best free keyword tool. One of the most straightforward keyword research tools on this list is Keyword Sheeter. It could be helpful if you’re looking for a quick approach to developing new ideas.

14. Keyworddit

Keyworddit allows users to search for keywords on the Reddit social media site. You may use it to determine what topics are regularly brought up by your audience in the comments section of subreddit sites. A valuable tool for coming up with fresh and original keyword suggestions is Keyworddit. Many website owners need to pay more attention to less popular keywords used on other social media sites instead of only looking for phrases on Google.

15. Google Search

Although you might not think of Google’s search engine as a tool for keyword research, there are several ways to develop new keyword suggestions. Google Search is a quick and efficient technique to generate new term suggestions. We leverage the People Also Asked Questions feature to target long-tail keywords with certain pieces of our content. It is one of the best free keyword research tools

Free VS Paid Keyword Research Tools

Free and paid keyword research tools have a lot of similarities. By entering a seed phrase or conducting a reverse website search, each of our list’s top keyword search tools enables you to discover fresh keyword suggestions. The volume of data they offer and the breadth of their research features are where the two types of tool diverge. 

Numerous free programs have a maximum amount of keywords that may be seen or omitted to provide important indicators like search traffic or keyword ranking difficulties. You may get this data and more by using paid keyword research tools. They can demonstrate trends, competition, and search intent. 

Additionally, they may include powerful filters that enable you to narrow down the terms you locate throughout your study. You may get by with a more basic free search tool if your website is smaller and more recent. However, a paid keyword research tool is unquestionably worthwhile if your goal is to develop a thorough SEO plan and increase relevant traffic to your website.

On Ending Note:

We’ve examined the most well-liked keyword research tools on the market to help you choose the finest one. The top 15 tools on the list deliver precise outcomes at affordable prices. The list includes resources for conducting keyword research across all channels, including Google, Bing, YouTube, Amazon, and Reddit. As discussed in the blog keywords play a vital role in ranking blogs or websites and we at Brandsjet take care of writing seo friendly content and optimization of client’s websites for our clients so that they can rank on google and get high-quality leads and traffic on the website. 

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