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Discover how Google Algorithm Updates, including the 'Google helpful content update' and the 'September 2022 core update,' impact your SEO strategy. Learn key aspects, strategies for website owners, and the importance of quality content and user experience in this Brandsjet blog post.
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In the ever-evolving landscape of SEO, Google algorithm updates play a pivotal role. Recently, significant changes were introduced in September 2022, notably the “Google helpful content update” and the “September 2022 core update.” These updates have profound implications for website owners and content creators.

1. Google Helpful Content Update

Launched on September 7, 2022, the Google helpful content update marks a significant shift in how Google evaluates and ranks content. This update primarily targets content created with the sole intent of ranking high on search engines, lacking genuine value for users. Google’s stance is clear: prioritize content that benefits people, not just SEO strategies.

Key Aspects of the Helpful Content Update:

  • Focus on Quality and Relevance: Content that is low-quality, unoriginal, or solely SEO-focused will struggle to achieve high rankings.
  • Emphasis on User Benefit: The update aims to ensure that content provides real value to its audience, not just traffic to the website.

2. September 2022 Core Update

Following the helpful content update, Google rolled out a broad core update on September 12, 2022. Unlike specific updates like product review updates, core updates are comprehensive, affecting a wide range of content across all regions and languages.

Impact of the Core Update:

  • Widespread Influence: This update has a global reach, impacting search results in all languages.
  • Quality and Speed: High-quality content and efficient page speed are more crucial than ever.
  • Beyond Penalties: The update is not about penalizing sites but rewarding those with outstanding content.

7 Strategies for Website Owners Post-Update

  1. Stick to Your Expertise: Focus on creating content within your niche. Avoid diverging into unrelated topics that don’t serve your audience’s interests.
  2. Showcase First-Hand Experience: Develop content based on your knowledge and experiences. This approach ensures depth and authenticity in your content.
  3. Maintain a Clear Focus: Your website should have a defined purpose and niche. Avoid cluttering it with a multitude of unrelated topics.
  4. Answer Questions Thoroughly: Ensure your content comprehensively addresses the queries of your audience. It should leave readers satisfied and well-informed.
  5. Enhance Reader Experience: Pay attention to the overall user experience, including page speed, readability, and visual appeal.
  6. Uphold Accuracy: Avoid disseminating false information. Be transparent about the speculative nature of content where applicable.
  7. Adhere to Google’s Guidelines: Stay updated with Google’s policies and guidelines to ensure your content remains compliant and effective.

Self-Reflection Questions for Content Creators:

  • Does your content offer original insights, analysis, or information?
  • Is your content detailed and informative about its subject matter?
  • Are your headlines descriptive without being sensationalist?
  • Is your content free from factual inaccuracies and errors?
  • Does your site prioritize user experience over excessive ads?
  • Is your website mobile-friendly with fast loading times?
  • Does your content align with the interests and needs of your audience?


Google’s latest updates underscore the importance of creating content that genuinely serves the needs of users. By focusing on quality, relevance, and user experience, website owners can adapt to these changes and continue to thrive in the dynamic world of SEO.

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