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Can you make a good career in digital marketing?

Delve into the dynamic realm of digital marketing careers. From Digital Marketing Managers to SEO specialists, uncover lucrative opportunities in this in-demand industry. Embrace the digital revolution and embark on a rewarding journey in the field of digital marketing today!
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You may have heard the word digital marketing or someone who works or career in digital marketing. After the pandemic, every business chooses to be online, and the need for the digital marketer and the people who do the related job just boomed. Then, there are rumors that it has limited scope or the scope is started to decline. Well, we are here to tell you that is digital marketing a good career in India & the need for a person in a digital marketing job is never ending, and there exist thousands of job opportunities.

You can easily make a career in digital marketing with the right skills, practice, and knowledge. Every day new companies are established, influencers come up, and online businesses open up, and thus they need digital marketers, social media managers, content writers, and online marketing heads. The demand for digital marketing experts is increasing all over the world.

8 options Career in digital marketing you can go for:

Digital Marketing Manager: The best position you can be in while pursuing a career in digital marketing is a Digital Marketing Manager. If you have skills, certificates, and experience of more than 3-5 years, you can easily be hired by a repudiated company. Every company and brand is after experts in digital marketing because they need their online game strong.

The responsibility includes as digital marketing manager job leading the team, making strategies and analyses, and using every method to bring out the results. The salary may vary from 15-20 lakhs per annum and the highest mark is 40 lakhs if you possess extraordinary skills and expertise.

Search engine optimizer – Search engine optimization is a very crucial part of whether you have an online business or a website. You can be a search engine optimizer who is well-versed in SEO and its strategies. You should know how to use organic SEO to increase the visibility of a business or website online.

The average salary for an SEO Manager is 353,396 per year and the demand for an SEO manager is increasing day by day in firms and digital marketing agencies.

Social Media Marketing Manager: who does not need social media marketing from businesses to influencers social media marketing is the key to marketing and staying online. Social media managers bring attention and traffic to the sites and platforms through various campaigns and strategies. Social media is the first platform for marketing activities.

If you know what works for social media and what grabs a customer’s attention you should go for it. The salary you can expect is 328,300 per year as a social media manager.

Content writer: You are in charge of content marketing as a content marketing manager. This entails blog management, drip marketing campaigns, copywriting for sales pages, ebook publication, guest blogging, video marketing, email correspondence, and even a little bit of PR. One benefit of being a content marketing manager is the ease with which you can work from home.

You can write content by working from home or part-time through freelancing, which is one of the ways they can develop a career in digital marketing in India.

Copywriter: A copywriter’s job responsibilities are extensive. If you need to be a copywriter, you should be prepared to collaborate with a large number of people on the digital marketing team. Copywriters should have strong English language skills. He or she should be skilled at writing articles that persuade readers to fill the sales funnel.

Inbound marketing manager: The job of an inbound marketing manager is to bring users in. They use content to draw customers to the website. The salary of an inbound manager is 4-6 lakhs per annum.

Video editor and graphic designer: The only person a business is finding is an exceptional video editor or graphic designer which is not easy to get. Visuals are the life of marketing and every business needs the right person to create videos and graphics that can grab the attention of customers within 30 seconds.

If you have the right skills, certificates, and passion you can earn lakhs. There is no limit to salary. The best thing is you can also work from home and opt for freelancing.

Conversion rate optimizer: The job of a conversion rate optimizer is very a very important position to fill. He/she needs to increase the conversion at every stage of the marketing/sales funnel. It involves working with different people and using various tools to achieve results. The digital marketing field includes jobs like this and is in very demand.

There are several benefits of choosing a career in Digital Marketing as compared to working in other professions. Let’s explore it together

a) It is an in-demand profession- The world has become online and there is no space for traditional marketing. Every business, person, celebrity, and influencer needs someone to handle their digital presence, and thus when a digital marketing person is needed. The need for people in digital marketing jobs has touched the number of 2 Million in 2022.

b) Higher incentive- Not only do you get paid higher salaries but you get to build your network, learn, and have experience. Working for celebrities, influencers, Media people and the biggest brands helps you get a job in the best place.

c) Need skills, not degrees- Digital Marketing is a game of skills on how well you can be proficient in a single work. It does not need degrees and qualifications from the best institutes. If you can write well with creativity you can be a copy or content writer, editing skills are needed in marketing campaigns, and if your brain works with algorithms you are perfect for SEO and conversion rate.

There are other benefits you can work as a freelancer, from home, and pursue other degrees. You get to work with different people at different places and try out new everything be experimental.

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