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How to use voice search optimization to rank on SERP.

Embrace the voice search revolution! Learn how to optimize your content for voice search with strategies that ensure higher rankings and better visibility. Discover the importance of voice search keywords and stay ahead in the world of SEO.
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You know what started as a small concept but now is the biggest player in search engines, it is voice search. Everyone has found being comfortable using voice search and we cannot get enough of it.

It all started with smartphones offering voice search and now smart speakers and digital voice assistance using the voice feature. Every generation is welcoming voice search with open arms and we are witnessing the voice search evolution.

With a nearly exponential increase in voice search expected, we must offer content that is optimized for it. Otherwise, we will struggle to gain organic traction. Given the fierce competition for search engine rankings, the way ahead is only going to get tougher.

By the end of this article, you will have a better, understanding of voice search marketing and how to rank your website and content higher as a result.

What is voice search SEO?

Voice search optimization is the process through which small paragraphs and on-point answers as snippets featuring on your pages come up at voice searches with the keyword. It helps your page to be optimized to answer questions conducted through verbal searches. It makes your page ready for (OkGoogle, Siri, and Alexa).

What does the data say?

The world is moving towards the voice search feature rapidly. There has been a drastic change in the use of voice search between 2019-2022 worldwide. In 2019 the use of voice search stood at 3.25 billion worldwide and it is anticipated that in 2023 it will be 8 billion worldwide.

For searching a local business listing, 58% of customers use voice search.

Total of the online google population, 27% of it is using voice search on mobile.

The smart speaker owners decorating the voice assistance include 52℅.

The top three rank positions for a specific question at desktop search include 75% of voice search.

For looking up something on the internet the voice searches being used is 56%.

Reasons why Voice search is gaining popularity                                                                

More convenient and appropriate: No one likes to type their questions in our digital age, where time is money. People tend to take the easier path when their answer is only a sentence away.

For obvious reasons, if we had to choose between typing and speaking a query like “who was the second prime minister of India, and when was he/she born,” we would all choose the latter.

Voice search is mobile-friendly- smartphone areas the reason why voice search is popular in mass is that it laid the way for speakers and voice assistance as it can be used easily. 56% of all voice searches are made on a smartphone, says BrightLocal. The above statistic emphasizes the importance of mobile in terms of search; mobile is critical to the search industry. Voice searches on mobile, like traditional searches, outnumber those on other devices.

People find it simple to use their smartphones to access voice search while on the go.

It is better than the traditional way: voice search keywords are magic, it is longer, conversational, specific, local listings like near me, in Bikaner, and voice search results come in the snippet and are at the point. It also allows the content to be ranked on its keyword research.

Strategies to optimize your content with Voice search for better results and higher ranking                                                                                                                

Keep it simple and short: In 2022 and the future optimize your website for voice search, use the feature of the snippet, and keep your answer in simple language, and under one paragraph. Give the information which is fact and at the point. Also, make sure the page opens up quickly, use structured data, and you can also take advantage of Google my Business listings.

Understand your customer and the devices they use- Have Real-time data, insights, and research on your customer will help you know how differently people search and what are the common factors. Answering this question will help you optimize your page as a customer at the center.

Right keywords are the key- traditional SEO uses keywords in a high percentage of total content, skip that and answer the five Ws(why, what, where, when, who) and How to optimize your content for voice search. Use long-tail keywords for conversation, and you can always come up with modified questions to answer. Keyword research and its optimization is necessary.

 Provide accurate information – make sure the answers and information on your page are up-to-date. The users do face the problem of inaccuracy in searches. You must avoid this mistake and keep your page up-to-date.

FAQ section- Besides using Schema Markup for the improvement of your content’s relevance, add a part of FAQ the section on your page, answer the questions with accuracy, and long-tail keywords and keep it simple.

Local SEO- Make sure that your page loads faster and use the SEO techniques like ‘Near me’ voice searches and Google my Business.

Compelling persona- Your content needs to be creative, relevant, and brevity. What you can do differently for voice search optimization is I answering common questions in a detailed manner. Give customers what they want don’t keep them looking for more.

You may or may not have noticed how voice search corrects and complete your spellings and queries. For example, if you search for “population of hippopotamus, it will come as showing result in the population of hippopotamus instead of a hippopotamus”. It also follows your question about what has been previously searched for. For example, the previous question will be succeeded by what is the weight of a Hippopotamus? To this extent, voice search has revolutionized.

The more we learn, the better we can do.
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