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Global Spin stands at the forefront of international trade and technological innovation in the textiles and fashion sector, primarily focusing on the empowerment and growth of MSMEs and startups. With a mission to create more jobs and contribute to a better world, Global Spin orchestrates major trade conclaves and exhibitions, showcasing advancements in areas like FinTech, Blockchain, AI, IoT, 3D Printing, and AR/VR. These events, such as the Globalspin Trade Conclave, are pivotal in promoting handlooms, handicrafts, and technical textiles, thereby fostering market development. Global Spin’s initiatives are not just limited to the Indian market; they extend globally, aiming to create a sustainable economic development model for the fashion and textile industry. Their efforts in integrating innovation and technology with traditional crafts underline their commitment to a sustainable and circular economy, making them a gateway to global economies and communities.

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GlobalSpin’s role in shaping the future of the textile and fashion industry is significant. By facilitating international engagements, export development, and cross-country innovation, they are a catalyst in the global alliance for sustainability. Their focus on eco-friendly and sustainable textiles, coupled with their commitment to training, capacity building, and innovative financing, positions them as a leader in driving the global recognition of Indian talent and products in the ever-evolving fashion landscape.

Event and Conference Industry.

Global Spin operates in the niche industry of organizing awards, roundtables, events, and conclaves, focusing on fostering professional networks, knowledge sharing, and industry advancements. This sector thrives on creating platforms for collaboration, innovation, and dialogue among experts, leaders, and entrepreneurs, driving growth and development in various professional fields.



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