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About Us

Founder's Note

Sourabh Wagh, Founder & MD.

My Background

Hey, my name is Sourabh Wagh born and brought up in a small city of India named Ahmednagar. I am an Electronics and Telecommunication (E&TC) engineer by qualification. Graduated from Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU).  my story unfolds in the following lines..

Why we started it

Believe me when I say, my journey thus far has been an unplanned adventure. It all began during my college days, where I dabbled in freelancing. Networking both in the digital realm and face-to-face was my passion. This knack for connection allowed me to delve into people’s lives, identifying their challenges. What began as personal problems soon morphed into professional consultation opportunities. Armed with skills in website design and SEO, I took my first steps towards this path. Gradually, my portfolio flourished, leading me to establish my maiden solo enterprise, Brandsjet.

The name “Brandsjet” was put forth because we genuinely skyrocketed our clients with organic growth via our consultation and solutions. It was a jet on which they would be onboarded to reach the destination named “Growth”

What made businesses to trust us ?

Our core values and principles taught by my parents helped me a lot to scale and grow brandsjet sustainably and win the trust of clients. We always say that “if the client’s business grows and they make a profit, then only we will win.” Thus we deliver twice as we promise. Also, we are transparent in our policies, principles, implementations, and SOPs. As we know transparency leads to a healthy relationship between the organisations. The credit for our success goes to all my colleagues, mentors, directors, advisors and friends. All these stakeholders are aligned and working on the same principles of brandsjet. 

Why you should work with us ?

Here are a few valid reasons why you should choose brandsjet over other technology and marketing firms for your business. We are a young team, based in the fresh talent hub of India. We are a young team who connects with the thought process of youths or Genz’s. We have industry experts and advisors onboarded in our community who shares their valuable feedback to work and serve the clients. We are a company based on values and our principles govern us. We have a genuine track record of work and we guarantee to deliver the promised outcome with the best possible result on time. All our team members are driven by an entrepreneurial mindset, thus they connect easily with the problems faced by the businesses. 

Our data-driven approach, problem-solving skills, personalized touch, work consistency, creativity, and technological scalability helps us to stand out from the crowd. 

My vision ahead

At Brandsjet, we envision a future where businesses of all sizes harness the power of cutting-edge technology and strategic marketing to achieve unprecedented success.  We commit to partnering with businesses to unlock their full potential. By providing solutions that drive growth, enhance brand visibility, and foster meaningful connections. Also, our vision is to upskill youths and professionals in the emerging technologies and entrepreneurial journey. 

Mr Sourabh Wagh.
Founder & MD, Branndsjet Solutions Private Limited
Ahmednagar, India.

Thank You!

Sourabh, Let's connect directly without any hindrance.